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Скажите, мне кажется, или сейчас прошлись железными сапогами по моим эдельвейсам?

Madam Kali & Sir Malcolm:
- I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at your tiresome obsession with Miss Ives. You're so very close after all. You knew her when she was born, didn't you?
- Yes.
- You saw her grow into the fine young woman she is?
- Yes
- Yeah. You watched her rather carefully, I'd say.
- Did I?
- Of course you did. She was always your favorite.
- ...
- It's good we care for our daughters.

BTW, "Yes" произнесённое Далтоном делает со мной удивительные вещи. :shy:

Бонус: (когда в кадре одно отп, а оно говорит про другое отп)
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